Qeeke KR-081

The Qeeke KR-081 is a new fully-programmable 75% keyboard. It is designed to support desktops, mobile, or televisions, and will fit comfortably on your lap for couch surfing. Instead of fragile fold-out feet, the case is made so that the keys are at a 6° slope, which works on your lap or on a desk, with or without a wrist wrest.

Qeeke KR-081 keyboard

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The board features a CNC aluminium case with gasket construction, here is the exploded view:

Qeeke KR-081 keyboard construction

The switches are quiet red Gaterons, rated for 50 to 60 million keystrokes. You don't want a clicky switch if you use the board with your TV.
If you prefer a different feel on some keys, then you can hot-swap them:

Qeeke KR-081 hot-swap

The keycaps are made from long-lasting PBT with the JDA profile, which provide a comfortable spherical surface for your fingers, and are not as high as Signature Plastics SA profile.
They are better shaped than the run-of-the-mill OEM profile.
Keycap profiles

The board comes with nine alternate keycaps, five to make it Apple-friendly, and four for the navigation / multimedia stack on the right.

Qeeke KR-081 extra keys

When it comes to connectivity, the board supports USB Type C (also for charging the two 4000mAh batteries, which will give you over a month of use without backlighting, or 2+ weeks with backlighting), 2.4GH Wi-Fi, or BLE Bluetooth. There are switches in the corner for switching, and a magnetically-closed storage bin for the receiver in the same corner.

Qeeke KR-081 connectivity switches

For the gamers, there is music-following backlighting, is well as a front strip which won't interfere with your vision.

Qeeke KR-081 backlighting

For more details, or to order, see the Qeeke KR-081 product page.