Glyph coverage comparison

16 May 2023

This page shows the glyph coverage for various popular glyph sets:

  1. The five standards from Adobe, Adobe Latin 1 (AL1), Adobe Latin 2 (AL2), Adobe Latin 3 (AL3), Adobe Latin 4 (AL4), Adobe Latin 5 (AL5), pre-composed glyphs only for AL4 and AL5.
  2. Microsoft's Windows Glyph List 4 (WGL4)
  3. The World Glyph List 1 (W1G), used by various font foundries. Actual character list used taken from the character map of one of the font pages.
  4. The World Glyph List 2 (W2G), used by various font foundries. Actual character list used taken from the character map of one of the font pages.
    At the time of writing (Aug 2018) there are only two faces in this category, one of which is not 100% complete.
  5. The Recommended Glyphs for New Fonts (AGLFN), suggested by Adobe.
  6. The Recommended Glyphs List for new fonts, from SIL
  7. The Google Fonts Latin Core, Plus, Pro and Expert unique glyphs (excluding "optional", Greek and Cyrillic)
  8. The Medieval Unicode Font Initiative character recommendations. (MUFI)
  9. Christoph Koeberlin's proposed Latin Character Sets, which offer support for over 100 more languages than Latin Extended. The four levels are Small (LS), Medium (LM), Large (LL), and Extra Large (LXL). The designated code points do not include punctuation or digits. Also, some proposed characters do not have dedicated Unicode code points and are excluded from this comparison.
  10. My own Academic Coverage lists, partial details here. These are Latin Core (LC), Latin Plus (LP), European non-Latin Core (ENLC), European non-Latin Plus (ENLP), European non-Latin Ancient (ENLA), Phonetic (AP), Mathematics and Technical Core (MC), Mathematics and Technical Plus (MP).

This table is supposed to render using Symbola font, but am having trouble getting it to work reliably. CSS issues.

It may be easier to view in a spreadsheet. Download the .tsv version (right-click, Save Link As), which is a tab-separated .csv file. Set your spreadsheet import filter to use tabs, with NO string delimiters.

Basic Latin : U+0000 .. U+007F
AdobeSILGoogleMUFI Koeberlin LatinAcademic
U+000DCarriage Return (cr)                        
U+0021Exclamation Mark!           
U+0022Quotation Mark"           
U+0023Number Sign#           
U+0024Dollar Sign$           
U+0025Percent Sign%           
U+0028Left Parenthesis(           
U+0029Right Parenthesis)           
U+002BPlus Sign+           
U+002EFull Stop.           
U+0030Digit Zero0           
U+0031Digit One1           
U+0032Digit Two2           
U+0033Digit Three3           
U+0034Digit Four4           
U+0035Digit Five5           
U+0036Digit Six6           
U+0037Digit Seven7           
U+0038Digit Eight8           
U+0039Digit Nine9           
U+003CLess-than Sign<           
U+003DEquals Sign=           
U+003EGreater-than Sign>           
U+003FQuestion Mark?           
U+0040Commercial At@           
U+0041Latin Capital Letter AA       
U+0042Latin Capital Letter BB       
U+0043Latin Capital Letter CC       
U+0044Latin Capital Letter DD       
U+0045Latin Capital Letter EE       
U+0046Latin Capital Letter FF       
U+0047Latin Capital Letter GG       
U+0048Latin Capital Letter HH       
U+0049Latin Capital Letter II       
U+004ALatin Capital Letter JJ       
U+004BLatin Capital Letter KK       
U+004CLatin Capital Letter LL       
U+004DLatin Capital Letter MM       
U+004ELatin Capital Letter NN       
U+004FLatin Capital Letter OO       
U+0050Latin Capital Letter PP       
U+0051Latin Capital Letter QQ       
U+0052Latin Capital Letter RR       
U+0053Latin Capital Letter SS       
U+0054Latin Capital Letter TT       
U+0055Latin Capital Letter UU       
U+0056Latin Capital Letter VV       
U+0057Latin Capital Letter WW       
U+0058Latin Capital Letter XX       
U+0059Latin Capital Letter YY       
U+005ALatin Capital Letter ZZ       
U+005BLeft Square Bracket[           
U+005CReverse Solidus\           
U+005DRight Square Bracket]           
U+005ECircumflex Accent^           
U+005FLow Line_           
U+0060Grave Accent`           
U+0061Latin Small Letter Aa       
U+0062Latin Small Letter Bb       
U+0063Latin Small Letter Cc       
U+0064Latin Small Letter Dd       
U+0065Latin Small Letter Ee       
U+0066Latin Small Letter Ff       
U+0067Latin Small Letter Gg       
U+0068Latin Small Letter Hh       
U+0069Latin Small Letter Ii       
U+006ALatin Small Letter Jj       
U+006BLatin Small Letter Kk       
U+006CLatin Small Letter Ll       
U+006DLatin Small Letter Mm       
U+006ELatin Small Letter Nn       
U+006FLatin Small Letter Oo       
U+0070Latin Small Letter Pp       
U+0071Latin Small Letter Qq       
U+0072Latin Small Letter Rr       
U+0073Latin Small Letter Ss       
U+0074Latin Small Letter Tt       
U+0075Latin Small Letter Uu       
U+0076Latin Small Letter Vv       
U+0077Latin Small Letter Ww       
U+0078Latin Small Letter Xx       
U+0079Latin Small Letter Yy       
U+007ALatin Small Letter Zz       
U+007BLeft Curly Bracket{           
U+007CVertical Line|           
U+007DRight Curly Bracket}           
Latin-1 Supplement : U+0080 .. U+00FF
AdobeSILGoogleMUFI Koeberlin LatinAcademic
U+00A0No-break Space              
U+00A1Inverted Exclamation Mark¡           
U+00A2Cent Sign¢           
U+00A3Pound Sign£           
U+00A4Currency Sign¤           
U+00A5Yen Sign¥           
U+00A6Broken Bar¦           
U+00A7Section Sign§           
U+00A9Copyright Sign©           
U+00AAFeminine Ordinal Indicatorª           
U+00ABLeft-pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark«           
U+00ACNot Sign¬           
U+00ADSoft Hyphen­             
U+00AERegistered Sign®           
U+00B0Degree Sign°           
U+00B1Plus-minus Sign±           
U+00B2Superscript Two²            
U+00B3Superscript Three³            
U+00B4Acute Accent´           
U+00B5Micro Signµ           
U+00B6Pilcrow Sign           
U+00B7Middle Dot·           
U+00B9Superscript One¹            
U+00BAMasculine Ordinal Indicatorº           
U+00BBRight-pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark»           
U+00BCVulgar Fraction One Quarter¼           
U+00BDVulgar Fraction One Half½           
U+00BEVulgar Fraction Three Quarters¾           
U+00BFInverted Question Mark¿           
U+00C0Latin Capital Letter A With GraveÀ       
U+00C1Latin Capital Letter A With AcuteÁ       
U+00C2Latin Capital Letter A With Circumflex       
U+00C3Latin Capital Letter A With Tildeà      
U+00C4Latin Capital Letter A With DiaeresisÄ       
U+00C5Latin Capital Letter A With Ring AboveÅ       
U+00C6Latin Capital Letter AeÆ       
U+00C7Latin Capital Letter C With CedillaÇ       
U+00C8Latin Capital Letter E With GraveÈ       
U+00C9Latin Capital Letter E With AcuteÉ       
U+00CALatin Capital Letter E With CircumflexÊ       
U+00CBLatin Capital Letter E With DiaeresisË       
U+00CCLatin Capital Letter I With GraveÌ       
U+00CDLatin Capital Letter I With AcuteÍ       
U+00CELatin Capital Letter I With CircumflexΠ      
U+00CFLatin Capital Letter I With DiaeresisÏ       
U+00D0Latin Capital Letter EthР      
U+00D1Latin Capital Letter N With TildeÑ       
U+00D2Latin Capital Letter O With GraveÒ       
U+00D3Latin Capital Letter O With AcuteÓ       
U+00D4Latin Capital Letter O With CircumflexÔ       
U+00D5Latin Capital Letter O With TildeÕ       
U+00D6Latin Capital Letter O With DiaeresisÖ       
U+00D7Multiplication Sign×           
U+00D8Latin Capital Letter O With StrokeØ       
U+00D9Latin Capital Letter U With GraveÙ       
U+00DALatin Capital Letter U With AcuteÚ       
U+00DBLatin Capital Letter U With CircumflexÛ       
U+00DCLatin Capital Letter U With DiaeresisÜ       
U+00DDLatin Capital Letter Y With AcuteÝ       
U+00DELatin Capital Letter ThornÞ       
U+00DFLatin Small Letter Sharp Sß       
U+00E0Latin Small Letter A With Graveà       
U+00E1Latin Small Letter A With Acuteá       
U+00E2Latin Small Letter A With Circumflexâ       
U+00E3Latin Small Letter A With Tildeã       
U+00E4Latin Small Letter A With Diaeresisä       
U+00E5Latin Small Letter A With Ring Aboveå       
U+00E6Latin Small Letter Aeæ       
U+00E7Latin Small Letter C With Cedillaç       
U+00E8Latin Small Letter E With Graveè       
U+00E9Latin Small Letter E With Acuteé       
U+00EALatin Small Letter E With Circumflexê       
U+00EBLatin Small Letter E With Diaeresisë       
U+00ECLatin Small Letter I With Graveì       
U+00EDLatin Small Letter I With Acuteí       
U+00EELatin Small Letter I With Circumflexî       
U+00EFLatin Small Letter I With Diaeresisï       
U+00F0Latin Small Letter Ethð       
U+00F1Latin Small Letter N With Tildeñ       
U+00F2Latin Small Letter O With Graveò       
U+00F3Latin Small Letter O With Acuteó       
U+00F4Latin Small Letter O With Circumflexô       
U+00F5Latin Small Letter O With Tildeõ       
U+00F6Latin Small Letter O With Diaeresisö       
U+00F7Division Sign÷           
U+00F8Latin Small Letter O With Strokeø       
U+00F9Latin Small Letter U With Graveù       
U+00FALatin Small Letter U With Acuteú       
U+00FBLatin Small Letter U With Circumflexû       
U+00FCLatin Small Letter U With Diaeresisü       
U+00FDLatin Small Letter Y With Acuteý       
U+00FELatin Small Letter Thornþ       
U+00FFLatin Small Letter Y With Diaeresisÿ       
Latin Extended-A : U+0100 .. U+017F
AdobeSILGoogleMUFI Koeberlin LatinAcademic
U+0100Latin Capital Letter A With MacronĀ           
U+0101Latin Small Letter A With Macronā           
U+0102Latin Capital Letter A With BreveĂ           
U+0103Latin Small Letter A With Breveă           
U+0104Latin Capital Letter A With OgonekĄ           
U+0105Latin Small Letter A With Ogoneką           
U+0106Latin Capital Letter C With AcuteĆ           
U+0107Latin Small Letter C With Acuteć           
U+0108Latin Capital Letter C With CircumflexĈ             
U+0109Latin Small Letter C With Circumflexĉ             
U+010ALatin Capital Letter C With Dot AboveĊ            
U+010BLatin Small Letter C With Dot Aboveċ            
U+010CLatin Capital Letter C With CaronČ            
U+010DLatin Small Letter C With Caronč            
U+010ELatin Capital Letter D With CaronĎ            
U+010FLatin Small Letter D With Caronď            
U+0110Latin Capital Letter D With StrokeĐ           
U+0111Latin Small Letter D With Strokeđ           
U+0112Latin Capital Letter E With MacronĒ           
U+0113Latin Small Letter E With Macronē           
U+0114Latin Capital Letter E With BreveĔ            
U+0115Latin Small Letter E With Breveĕ            
U+0116Latin Capital Letter E With Dot AboveĖ           
U+0117Latin Small Letter E With Dot Aboveė           
U+0118Latin Capital Letter E With OgonekĘ           
U+0119Latin Small Letter E With Ogonekę           
U+011ALatin Capital Letter E With CaronĚ            
U+011BLatin Small Letter E With Caroně            
U+011CLatin Capital Letter G With CircumflexĜ             
U+011DLatin Small Letter G With Circumflexĝ             
U+011ELatin Capital Letter G With BreveĞ            
U+011FLatin Small Letter G With Breveğ            
U+0120Latin Capital Letter G With Dot AboveĠ            
U+0121Latin Small Letter G With Dot Aboveġ            
U+0122Latin Capital Letter G With CedillaĢ             
U+0123Latin Small Letter G With Cedillaģ             
U+0124Latin Capital Letter H With CircumflexĤ             
U+0125Latin Small Letter H With Circumflexĥ             
U+0126Latin Capital Letter H With StrokeĦ             
U+0127Latin Small Letter H With Strokeħ            
U+0128Latin Capital Letter I With TildeĨ             
U+0129Latin Small Letter I With Tildeĩ             
U+012ALatin Capital Letter I With MacronĪ           
U+012BLatin Small Letter I With Macronī           
U+012CLatin Capital Letter I With BreveĬ             
U+012DLatin Small Letter I With Breveĭ             
U+012ELatin Capital Letter I With OgonekĮ           
U+012FLatin Small Letter I With Ogonekį           
U+0130Latin Capital Letter I With Dot Aboveİ           
U+0131Latin Small Letter Dotless Iı       
U+0132Latin Capital Ligature IjIJ                  
U+0133Latin Small Ligature Ijij                  
U+0134Latin Capital Letter J With CircumflexĴ             
U+0135Latin Small Letter J With Circumflexĵ             
U+0136Latin Capital Letter K With CedillaĶ             
U+0137Latin Small Letter K With Cedillaķ             
U+0138Latin Small Letter Kraĸ               
U+0139Latin Capital Letter L With AcuteĹ           
U+013ALatin Small Letter L With Acuteĺ           
U+013BLatin Capital Letter L With CedillaĻ             
U+013CLatin Small Letter L With Cedillaļ             
U+013DLatin Capital Letter L With CaronĽ            
U+013ELatin Small Letter L With Caronľ            
U+013FLatin Capital Letter L With Middle DotĿ               
U+0140Latin Small Letter L With Middle Dotŀ               
U+0141Latin Capital Letter L With StrokeŁ         
U+0142Latin Small Letter L With Strokeł         
U+0143Latin Capital Letter N With AcuteŃ           
U+0144Latin Small Letter N With Acuteń           
U+0145Latin Capital Letter N With CedillaŅ             
U+0146Latin Small Letter N With Cedillaņ             
U+0147Latin Capital Letter N With CaronŇ            
U+0148Latin Small Letter N With Caronň            
U+0149Latin Small Letter N Preceded By Apostropheʼn                  
U+014ALatin Capital Letter EngŊ             
U+014BLatin Small Letter Engŋ             
U+014CLatin Capital Letter O With MacronŌ           
U+014DLatin Small Letter O With Macronō           
U+014ELatin Capital Letter O With BreveŎ             
U+014FLatin Small Letter O With Breveŏ             
U+0150Latin Capital Letter O With Double AcuteŐ           
U+0151Latin Small Letter O With Double Acuteő           
U+0152Latin Capital Ligature OeŒ       
U+0153Latin Small Ligature Oeœ       
U+0154Latin Capital Letter R With AcuteŔ           
U+0155Latin Small Letter R With Acuteŕ           
U+0156Latin Capital Letter R With CedillaŖ             
U+0157Latin Small Letter R With Cedillaŗ             
U+0158Latin Capital Letter R With CaronŘ            
U+0159Latin Small Letter R With Caronř            
U+015ALatin Capital Letter S With AcuteŚ           
U+015BLatin Small Letter S With Acuteś           
U+015CLatin Capital Letter S With CircumflexŜ             
U+015DLatin Small Letter S With Circumflexŝ             
U+015ELatin Capital Letter S With CedillaŞ            
U+015FLatin Small Letter S With Cedillaş            
U+0160Latin Capital Letter S With CaronŠ         
U+0161Latin Small Letter S With Caronš         
U+0162Latin Capital Letter T With CedillaŢ             
U+0163Latin Small Letter T With Cedillaţ             
U+0164Latin Capital Letter T With CaronŤ            
U+0165Latin Small Letter T With Caronť            
U+0166Latin Capital Letter T With StrokeŦ                
U+0167Latin Small Letter T With Strokeŧ                
U+0168Latin Capital Letter U With TildeŨ             
U+0169Latin Small Letter U With Tildeũ             
U+016ALatin Capital Letter U With MacronŪ           
U+016BLatin Small Letter U With Macronū           
U+016CLatin Capital Letter U With BreveŬ            
U+016DLatin Small Letter U With Breveŭ            
U+016ELatin Capital Letter U With Ring AboveŮ           
U+016FLatin Small Letter U With Ring Aboveů           
U+0170Latin Capital Letter U With Double AcuteŰ           
U+0171Latin Small Letter U With Double Acuteű           
U+0172Latin Capital Letter U With OgonekŲ           
U+0173Latin Small Letter U With Ogonekų           
U+0174Latin Capital Letter W With CircumflexŴ            
U+0175Latin Small Letter W With Circumflexŵ            
U+0176Latin Capital Letter Y With CircumflexŶ            
U+0177Latin Small Letter Y With Circumflexŷ            
U+0178Latin Capital Letter Y With DiaeresisŸ        
U+0179Latin Capital Letter Z With AcuteŹ            
U+017ALatin Small Letter Z With Acuteź            
U+017BLatin Capital Letter Z With Dot AboveŻ           
U+017CLatin Small Letter Z With Dot Aboveż           
U+017DLatin Capital Letter Z With CaronŽ         
U+017ELatin Small Letter Z With Caronž         
U+017FLatin Small Letter Long Sſ                   
Latin Extended-B : U+0180 .. U+024F
AdobeSILGoogleMUFI Koeberlin LatinAcademic
U+0180Latin Small Letter B With Strokeƀ                      
U+0181Latin Capital Letter B With HookƁ                     
U+0182Latin Capital Letter B With TopbarƂ                          
U+0183Latin Small Letter B With Topbarƃ                          
U+0184Latin Capital Letter Tone SixƄ                          
U+0185Latin Small Letter Tone Sixƅ                          
U+0186Latin Capital Letter Open OƆ                     
U+0187Latin Capital Letter C With HookƇ                       
U+0188Latin Small Letter C With Hookƈ                       
U+0189Latin Capital Letter African DƉ                       
U+018ALatin Capital Letter D With HookƊ                     
U+018BLatin Capital Letter D With TopbarƋ                          
U+018CLatin Small Letter D With Topbarƌ                          
U+018DLatin Small Letter Turned Deltaƍ                          
U+018ELatin Capital Letter Reversed EƎ                     
U+018FLatin Capital Letter SchwaƏ                
U+0190Latin Capital Letter Open EƐ                     
U+0191Latin Capital Letter F With HookƑ                       
U+0192Latin Small Letter F With Hookƒ           
U+0193Latin Capital Letter G With HookƓ                       
U+0194Latin Capital Letter GammaƔ                       
U+0195Latin Small Letter Hvƕ                         
U+0196Latin Capital Letter IotaƖ                       
U+0197Latin Capital Letter I With StrokeƗ                     
U+0198Latin Capital Letter K With HookƘ                     
U+0199Latin Small Letter K With Hookƙ                    
U+019ALatin Small Letter L With Barƚ                      
U+019BLatin Small Letter Lambda With Strokeƛ                       
U+019CLatin Capital Letter Turned MƜ                      
U+019DLatin Capital Letter N With Left HookƝ                     
U+019ELatin Small Letter N With Long Right Legƞ                      
U+019FLatin Capital Letter O With Middle TildeƟ                       
U+01A0Latin Capital Letter O With HornƠ                
U+01A1Latin Small Letter O With Hornơ                
U+01A2Latin Capital Letter OiƢ                          
U+01A3Latin Small Letter Oiƣ                          
U+01A4Latin Capital Letter P With HookƤ                       
U+01A5Latin Small Letter P With Hookƥ                       
U+01A6Latin Letter YrƦ                         
U+01A7Latin Capital Letter Tone TwoƧ                          
U+01A8Latin Small Letter Tone Twoƨ                          
U+01A9Latin Capital Letter EshƩ                       
U+01AALatin Letter Reversed Esh Loopƪ                        
U+01ABLatin Small Letter T With Palatal Hookƫ                          
U+01ACLatin Capital Letter T With HookƬ                       
U+01ADLatin Small Letter T With Hookƭ                       
U+01AELatin Capital Letter T With Retroflex HookƮ                       
U+01AFLatin Capital Letter U With HornƯ                
U+01B0Latin Small Letter U With Hornư                
U+01B1Latin Capital Letter UpsilonƱ                       
U+01B2Latin Capital Letter V With HookƲ                       
U+01B3Latin Capital Letter Y With HookƳ                     
U+01B4Latin Small Letter Y With Hookƴ                     
U+01B5Latin Capital Letter Z With StrokeƵ                      
U+01B6Latin Small Letter Z With Strokeƶ                      
U+01B7Latin Capital Letter EzhƷ                      
U+01B8Latin Capital Letter Ezh ReversedƸ                       
U+01B9Latin Small Letter Ezh Reversedƹ                       
U+01BALatin Small Letter Ezh With Tailƺ                          
U+01BBLatin Letter Two With Strokeƻ                          
U+01BCLatin Capital Letter Tone FiveƼ                          
U+01BDLatin Small Letter Tone Fiveƽ                          
U+01BELatin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop With Strokeƾ                          
U+01BFLatin Letter Wynnƿ                         
U+01C0Latin Letter Dental Clickǀ                       
U+01C1Latin Letter Lateral Clickǁ                       
U+01C2Latin Letter Alveolar Clickǂ                       
U+01C3Latin Letter Retroflex Clickǃ                       
U+01C4Latin Capital Letter Dz With CaronDŽ                    
U+01C5Latin Capital Letter D With Small Letter Z With CaronDž                    
U+01C6Latin Small Letter Dz With Carondž                    
U+01C7Latin Capital Letter LjLJ                    
U+01C8Latin Capital Letter L With Small Letter JLj                    
U+01C9Latin Small Letter Ljlj                    
U+01CALatin Capital Letter NjNJ                    
U+01CBLatin Capital Letter N With Small Letter JNj                    
U+01CCLatin Small Letter Njnj                    
U+01CDLatin Capital Letter A With CaronǍ                    
U+01CELatin Small Letter A With Caronǎ                    
U+01CFLatin Capital Letter I With CaronǏ                    
U+01D0Latin Small Letter I With Caronǐ                    
U+01D1Latin Capital Letter O With CaronǑ                   
U+01D2Latin Small Letter O With Caronǒ                   
U+01D3Latin Capital Letter U With CaronǓ                   
U+01D4Latin Small Letter U With Caronǔ                   
U+01D5Latin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis And MacronǕ                    
U+01D6Latin Small Letter U With Diaeresis And Macronǖ                    
U+01D7Latin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis And AcuteǗ                     
U+01D8Latin Small Letter U With Diaeresis And Acuteǘ                     
U+01D9Latin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis And CaronǙ                     
U+01DALatin Small Letter U With Diaeresis And Caronǚ                     
U+01DBLatin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis And GraveǛ                     
U+01DCLatin Small Letter U With Diaeresis And Graveǜ                     
U+01DDLatin Small Letter Turned Eǝ                     
U+01DELatin Capital Letter A With Diaeresis And MacronǞ                       
U+01DFLatin Small Letter A With Diaeresis And Macronǟ                       
U+01E0Latin Capital Letter A With Dot Above And MacronǠ                       
U+01E1Latin Small Letter A With Dot Above And Macronǡ                       
U+01E2Latin Capital Letter Ae With MacronǢ                     
U+01E3Latin Small Letter Ae With Macronǣ                     
U+01E4Latin Capital Letter G With StrokeǤ                      
U+01E5Latin Small Letter G With Strokeǥ                      
U+01E6Latin Capital Letter G With CaronǦ                
U+01E7Latin Small Letter G With Caronǧ                
U+01E8Latin Capital Letter K With CaronǨ                       
U+01E9Latin Small Letter K With Caronǩ                       
U+01EALatin Capital Letter O With OgonekǪ                   
U+01EBLatin Small Letter O With Ogonekǫ                   
U+01ECLatin Capital Letter O With Ogonek And MacronǬ                      
U+01EDLatin Small Letter O With Ogonek And Macronǭ                      
U+01EELatin Capital Letter Ezh With CaronǮ                       
U+01EFLatin Small Letter Ezh With Caronǯ                       
U+01F0Latin Small Letter J With Caronǰ                       
U+01F1Latin Capital Letter DzDZ                       
U+01F2Latin Capital Letter D With Small Letter ZDz                       
U+01F3Latin Small Letter Dzdz                       
U+01F4Latin Capital Letter G With AcuteǴ                      
U+01F5Latin Small Letter G With Acuteǵ                      
U+01F6Latin Capital Letter HwairǶ                         
U+01F7Latin Capital Letter WynnǷ                         
U+01F8Latin Capital Letter N With GraveǸ                       
U+01F9Latin Small Letter N With Graveǹ                       
U+01FALatin Capital Letter A With Ring Above And AcuteǺ                 
U+01FBLatin Small Letter A With Ring Above And Acuteǻ                 
U+01FCLatin Capital Letter Ae With AcuteǼ                
U+01FDLatin Small Letter Ae With Acuteǽ                
U+01FELatin Capital Letter O With Stroke And AcuteǾ                
U+01FFLatin Small Letter O With Stroke And Acuteǿ                
U+0200Latin Capital Letter A With Double GraveȀ                    
U+0201Latin Small Letter A With Double Graveȁ                    
U+0202Latin Capital Letter A With Inverted BreveȂ                    
U+0203Latin Small Letter A With Inverted Breveȃ                    
U+0204Latin Capital Letter E With Double GraveȄ                    
U+0205Latin Small Letter E With Double Graveȅ                    
U+0206Latin Capital Letter E With Inverted BreveȆ                    
U+0207Latin Small Letter E With Inverted Breveȇ                    
U+0208Latin Capital Letter I With Double GraveȈ                    
U+0209Latin Small Letter I With Double Graveȉ                    
U+020ALatin Capital Letter I With Inverted BreveȊ                    
U+020BLatin Small Letter I With Inverted Breveȋ                    
U+020CLatin Capital Letter O With Double GraveȌ                    
U+020DLatin Small Letter O With Double Graveȍ                    
U+020ELatin Capital Letter O With Inverted BreveȎ                    
U+020FLatin Small Letter O With Inverted Breveȏ                    
U+0210Latin Capital Letter R With Double GraveȐ                    
U+0211Latin Small Letter R With Double Graveȑ                    
U+0212Latin Capital Letter R With Inverted BreveȒ                    
U+0213Latin Small Letter R With Inverted Breveȓ                    
U+0214Latin Capital Letter U With Double GraveȔ                    
U+0215Latin Small Letter U With Double Graveȕ                    
U+0216Latin Capital Letter U With Inverted BreveȖ                    
U+0217Latin Small Letter U With Inverted Breveȗ                    
U+0218Latin Capital Letter S With Comma BelowȘ              
U+0219Latin Small Letter S With Comma Belowș              
U+021ALatin Capital Letter T With Comma BelowȚ              
U+021BLatin Small Letter T With Comma Belowț              
U+021CLatin Capital Letter YoghȜ                      
U+021DLatin Small Letter Yoghȝ                      
U+021ELatin Capital Letter H With CaronȞ                       
U+021FLatin Small Letter H With Caronȟ                       
U+0220Latin Capital Letter N With Long Right LegȠ                       
U+0221Latin Small Letter D With Curlȡ                          
U+0222Latin Capital Letter OuȢ                        
U+0223Latin Small Letter Ouȣ                        
U+0224Latin Capital Letter Z With HookȤ                          
U+0225Latin Small Letter Z With Hookȥ                          
U+0226Latin Capital Letter A With Dot AboveȦ                      
U+0227Latin Small Letter A With Dot Aboveȧ                      
U+0228Latin Capital Letter E With CedillaȨ                       
U+0229Latin Small Letter E With Cedillaȩ                       
U+022ALatin Capital Letter O With Diaeresis And MacronȪ                   
U+022BLatin Small Letter O With Diaeresis And Macronȫ                   
U+022CLatin Capital Letter O With Tilde And MacronȬ                    
U+022DLatin Small Letter O With Tilde And Macronȭ                    
U+022ELatin Capital Letter O With Dot AboveȮ                      
U+022FLatin Small Letter O With Dot Aboveȯ                      
U+0230Latin Capital Letter O With Dot Above And MacronȰ                    
U+0231Latin Small Letter O With Dot Above And Macronȱ                    
U+0232Latin Capital Letter Y With MacronȲ                 
U+0233Latin Small Letter Y With Macronȳ                 
U+0234Latin Small Letter L With Curlȴ                          
U+0235Latin Small Letter N With Curlȵ                          
U+0236Latin Small Letter T With Curlȶ                          
U+0237Latin Small Letter Dotless Jȷ              
U+0238Latin Small Letter Db Digraphȸ                        
U+0239Latin Small Letter Qp Digraphȹ                        
U+023ALatin Capital Letter A With StrokeȺ                        
U+023BLatin Capital Letter C With StrokeȻ                        
U+023CLatin Small Letter C With Strokeȼ                        
U+023DLatin Capital Letter L With BarȽ                       
U+023ELatin Capital Letter T With Diagonal StrokeȾ                        
U+023FLatin Small Letter S With Swash Tailȿ                         
U+0240Latin Small Letter Z With Swash Tailɀ                         
U+0241Latin Capital Letter Glottal StopɁ                       
U+0242Latin Small Letter Glottal Stopɂ                       
U+0243Latin Capital Letter B With StrokeɃ                       
U+0244Latin Capital Letter U BarɄ                       
U+0245Latin Capital Letter Turned VɅ                     
U+0246Latin Capital Letter E With StrokeɆ                        
U+0247Latin Small Letter E With Strokeɇ                        
U+0248Latin Capital Letter J With StrokeɈ                      
U+0249Latin Small Letter J With Strokeɉ                      
U+024ALatin Capital Letter Small Q With Hook TailɊ                       
U+024BLatin Small Letter Q With Hook Tailɋ                       
U+024CLatin Capital Letter R With StrokeɌ                       
U+024DLatin Small Letter R With Strokeɍ                       
U+024ELatin Capital Letter Y With StrokeɎ                       
U+024FLatin Small Letter Y With Strokeɏ                       
IPA Extensions : U+0250 .. U+02AF
AdobeSILGoogleMUFI Koeberlin LatinAcademic
U+0250Latin Small Letter Turned Aɐ                       
U+0251Latin Small Letter Alphaɑ                      
U+0252Latin Small Letter Turned Alphaɒ                       
U+0253Latin Small Letter B With Hookɓ                     
U+0254Latin Small Letter Open Oɔ                    
U+0255Latin Small Letter C With Curlɕ                        
U+0256Latin Small Letter D With Tailɖ                      
U+0257Latin Small Letter D With Hookɗ                     
U+0258Latin Small Letter Reversed Eɘ                        
U+0259Latin Small Letter Schwaə               
U+025ALatin Small Letter Schwa With Hookɚ                        
U+025BLatin Small Letter Open Eɛ                     
U+025CLatin Small Letter Reversed Open Eɜ                        
U+025DLatin Small Letter Reversed Open E With Hookɝ                        
U+025ELatin Small Letter Closed Reversed Open Eɞ                        
U+025FLatin Small Letter Dotless J With Strokeɟ                      
U+0260Latin Small Letter G With Hookɠ                       
U+0261Latin Small Letter Script Gɡ                     
U+0262Latin Letter Small Capital Gɢ                       
U+0263Latin Small Letter Gammaɣ                       
U+0264Latin Small Letter Rams Hornɤ                       
U+0265Latin Small Letter Turned Hɥ                       
U+0266Latin Small Letter H With Hookɦ                      
U+0267Latin Small Letter Heng With Hookɧ                       
U+0268Latin Small Letter I With Strokeɨ                    
U+0269Latin Small Letter Iotaɩ                       
U+026ALatin Letter Small Capital Iɪ                      
U+026BLatin Small Letter L With Middle Tildeɫ                       
U+026CLatin Small Letter L With Beltɬ                       
U+026DLatin Small Letter L With Retroflex Hookɭ                        
U+026ELatin Small Letter Lezhɮ                        
U+026FLatin Small Letter Turned Mɯ                      
U+0270Latin Small Letter Turned M With Long Legɰ                        
U+0271Latin Small Letter M With Hookɱ                       
U+0272Latin Small Letter N With Left Hookɲ                    
U+0273Latin Small Letter N With Retroflex Hookɳ                        
U+0274Latin Letter Small Capital Nɴ                       
U+0275Latin Small Letter Barred Oɵ                       
U+0276Latin Letter Small Capital Oeɶ                       
U+0277Latin Small Letter Closed Omegaɷ                        
U+0278Latin Small Letter Phiɸ                       
U+0279Latin Small Letter Turned Rɹ                        
U+027ALatin Small Letter Turned R With Long Legɺ                        
U+027BLatin Small Letter Turned R With Hookɻ                        
U+027CLatin Small Letter R With Long Legɼ                       
U+027DLatin Small Letter R With Tailɽ                       
U+027ELatin Small Letter R With Fishhookɾ                       
U+027FLatin Small Letter Reversed R With Fishhookɿ                        
U+0280Latin Letter Small Capital Rʀ                       
U+0281Latin Letter Small Capital Inverted Rʁ                        
U+0282Latin Small Letter S With Hookʂ                        
U+0283Latin Small Letter Eshʃ                       
U+0284Latin Small Letter Dotless J With Stroke And Hookʄ                       
U+0285Latin Small Letter Squat Reversed Eshʅ                        
U+0286Latin Small Letter Esh With Curlʆ                        
U+0287Latin Small Letter Turned Tʇ                        
U+0288Latin Small Letter T With Retroflex Hookʈ                       
U+0289Latin Small Letter U Barʉ                      
U+028ALatin Small Letter Upsilonʊ                       
U+028BLatin Small Letter V With Hookʋ                       
U+028CLatin Small Letter Turned Vʌ                     
U+028DLatin Small Letter Turned Wʍ                        
U+028ELatin Small Letter Turned Yʎ                       
U+028FLatin Letter Small Capital Yʏ                       
U+0290Latin Small Letter Z With Retroflex Hookʐ                        
U+0291Latin Small Letter Z With Curlʑ                        
U+0292Latin Small Letter Ezhʒ                      
U+0293Latin Small Letter Ezh With Curlʓ                        
U+0294Latin Letter Glottal Stopʔ                       
U+0295Latin Letter Pharyngeal Voiced Fricativeʕ                       
U+0296Latin Letter Inverted Glottal Stopʖ                        
U+0297Latin Letter Stretched Cʗ                        
U+0298Latin Letter Bilabial Clickʘ                       
U+0299Latin Letter Small Capital Bʙ                       
U+029ALatin Small Letter Closed Open Eʚ                        
U+029BLatin Letter Small Capital G With Hookʛ                        
U+029CLatin Letter Small Capital Hʜ                       
U+029DLatin Small Letter J With Crossed-tailʝ                       
U+029ELatin Small Letter Turned Kʞ                        
U+029FLatin Letter Small Capital Lʟ                       
U+02A0Latin Small Letter Q With Hookʠ                        
U+02A1Latin Letter Glottal Stop With Strokeʡ                        
U+02A2Latin Letter Reversed Glottal Stop With Strokeʢ                        
U+02A3Latin Small Letter Dz Digraphʣ                        
U+02A4Latin Small Letter Dezh Digraphʤ                        
U+02A5Latin Small Letter Dz Digraph With Curlʥ                        
U+02A6Latin Small Letter Ts Digraphʦ                        
U+02A7Latin Small Letter Tesh Digraphʧ                       
U+02A8Latin Small Letter Tc Digraph With Curlʨ                        
U+02A9Latin Small Letter Feng Digraphʩ                        
U+02AALatin Small Letter Ls Digraphʪ                        
U+02ABLatin Small Letter Lz Digraphʫ                        
U+02ACLatin Letter Bilabial Percussiveʬ                        
U+02ADLatin Letter Bidental Percussiveʭ                        
U+02AELatin Small Letter Turned H With Fishhookʮ                        
U+02AFLatin Small Letter Turned H With Fishhook And Tailʯ                        
Spacing Modifier Letters : U+02B0 .. U+02FF
AdobeSILGoogleMUFI Koeberlin LatinAcademic
U+02B0Modifier Letter Small Hʰ                       
U+02B1Modifier Letter Small H With Hookʱ                       
U+02B2Modifier Letter Small Jʲ                       
U+02B3Modifier Letter Small Rʳ                       
U+02B4Modifier Letter Small Turned Rʴ                        
U+02B5Modifier Letter Small Turned R With Hookʵ                        
U+02B6Modifier Letter Small Capital Inverted Rʶ                        
U+02B7Modifier Letter Small Wʷ                       
U+02B8Modifier Letter Small Yʸ                       
U+02B9Modifier Letter Primeʹ                    
U+02BAModifier Letter Double Primeʺ                     
U+02BBModifier Letter Turned Commaʻ                  
U+02BCModifier Letter Apostropheʼ                
U+02BDModifier Letter Reversed Commaʽ                        
U+02BEModifier Letter Right Half Ringʾ                   
U+02BFModifier Letter Left Half Ringʿ                   
U+02C0Modifier Letter Glottal Stopˀ                       
U+02C1Modifier Letter Reversed Glottal Stopˁ                       
U+02C2Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead˂                        
U+02C3Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead˃                        
U+02C4Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead˄                        
U+02C5Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead˅                        
U+02C6Modifier Letter Circumflex Accentˆ            
U+02C8Modifier Letter Vertical Lineˈ                   
U+02C9Modifier Letter Macronˉ                
U+02CAModifier Letter Acute Accentˊ                    
U+02CBModifier Letter Grave Accentˋ                    
U+02CCModifier Letter Low Vertical Lineˌ                     
U+02CDModifier Letter Low Macronˍ                        
U+02CEModifier Letter Low Grave Accentˎ                        
U+02CFModifier Letter Low Acute Accentˏ                        
U+02D0Modifier Letter Triangular Colonː                       
U+02D1Modifier Letter Half Triangular Colonˑ                        
U+02D2Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring˒                        
U+02D3Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring˓                        
U+02D4Modifier Letter Up Tack˔                        
U+02D5Modifier Letter Down Tack˕                        
U+02D6Modifier Letter Plus Sign˖                        
U+02D7Modifier Letter Minus Sign˗                       
U+02D9Dot Above˙            
U+02DARing Above˚           
U+02DCSmall Tilde˜           
U+02DDDouble Acute Accent˝            
U+02DEModifier Letter Rhotic Hook˞                        
U+02DFModifier Letter Cross Accent˟                        
U+02E0Modifier Letter Small Gammaˠ                         
U+02E1Modifier Letter Small Lˡ                       
U+02E2Modifier Letter Small Sˢ                       
U+02E3Modifier Letter Small Xˣ                      
U+02E4Modifier Letter Small Reversed Glottal Stopˤ                        
U+02E5Modifier Letter Extra-high Tone Bar˥                        
U+02E6Modifier Letter High Tone Bar˦                        
U+02E7Modifier Letter Mid Tone Bar˧                        
U+02E8Modifier Letter Low Tone Bar˨                        
U+02E9Modifier Letter Extra-low Tone Bar˩                        
U+02EAModifier Letter Yin Departing Tone Mark˪                        
U+02EBModifier Letter Yang Departing Tone Mark˫                        
U+02ECModifier Letter Voicingˬ                         
U+02EDModifier Letter Unaspirated˭                        
U+02EEModifier Letter Double Apostropheˮ                       
U+02EFModifier Letter Low Down Arrowhead˯                        
U+02F0Modifier Letter Low Up Arrowhead˰                        
U+02F1Modifier Letter Low Left Arrowhead˱                        
U+02F2Modifier Letter Low Right Arrowhead˲                        
U+02F3Modifier Letter Low Ring˳                        
U+02F4Modifier Letter Middle Grave Accent˴                        
U+02F5Modifier Letter Middle Double Grave Accent˵                        
U+02F6Modifier Letter Middle Double Acute Accent˶                        
U+02F7Modifier Letter Low Tilde˷                        
U+02F8Modifier Letter Raised Colon˸                        
U+02F9Modifier Letter Begin High Tone˹                        
U+02FAModifier Letter End High Tone˺                        
U+02FBModifier Letter Begin Low Tone˻                        
U+02FCModifier Letter End Low Tone˼                        
U+02FDModifier Letter Shelf˽                        
U+02FEModifier Letter Open Shelf˾                        
U+02FFModifier Letter Low Left Arrow˿                        
Combining Diacritical Marks : U+0300 .. U+036F
AdobeSILGoogleMUFI Koeberlin LatinAcademic
U+0300Combining Grave Accent̀              
U+0301Combining Acute Accent́              
U+0302Combining Circumflex Accent̂               
U+0303Combining Tildẽ              
U+0304Combining Macron̄                
U+0305Combining Overline̅                       
U+0306Combining Brevĕ               
U+0307Combining Dot Abovė                
U+0308Combining Diaeresis̈                
U+0309Combining Hook Abovẻ               
U+030ACombining Ring Above̊                
U+030BCombining Double Acute Accent̋                
U+030CCombining Caroň                 
U+030DCombining Vertical Line Above̍                      
U+030ECombining Double Vertical Line Above̎                       
U+030FCombining Double Grave Accent̏                    
U+0310Combining Candrabindu̐                          
U+0311Combining Inverted Brevȇ                    
U+0312Combining Turned Comma Above̒                  
U+0313Combining Comma Above̓                       
U+0314Combining Reversed Comma Above̔                        
U+0315Combining Comma Above Right̕                      
U+0316Combining Grave Accent Below̖                        
U+0317Combining Acute Accent Below̗                        
U+0318Combining Left Tack Below̘                        
U+0319Combining Right Tack Below̙                        
U+031ACombining Left Angle Above̚                        
U+031BCombining Horn̛                 
U+031CCombining Left Half Ring Below̜                        
U+031DCombining Up Tack Below̝                        
U+031ECombining Down Tack Below̞                        
U+031FCombining Plus Sign Below̟                        
U+0320Combining Minus Sign Below̠                       
U+0321Combining Palatalized Hook Below̡                        
U+0322Combining Retroflex Hook Below̢                        
U+0323Combining Dot Beloẉ              
U+0324Combining Diaeresis Below̤                   
U+0325Combining Ring Below̥                       
U+0326Combining Comma Below̦                 
U+0327Combining Cedilla̧                
U+0328Combining Ogonek̨                
U+0329Combining Vertical Line Below̩                       
U+032ACombining Bridge Below̪                        
U+032BCombining Inverted Double Arch Below̫                        
U+032CCombining Caron Below̬                        
U+032DCombining Circumflex Accent Below̭                       
U+032ECombining Breve Below̮                  
U+032FCombining Inverted Breve Below̯                       
U+0330Combining Tilde Below̰                       
U+0331Combining Macron Below̱                  
U+0332Combining Low Line̲                      
U+0333Combining Double Low Line̳                       
U+0334Combining Tilde Overlay̴                       
U+0335Combining Short Stroke Overlay̵                  
U+0336Combining Long Stroke Overlay̶                       
U+0337Combining Short Solidus Overlay̷                        
U+0338Combining Long Solidus Overlay̸                        
U+0339Combining Right Half Ring Below̹                        
U+033ACombining Inverted Bridge Below̺                        
U+033BCombining Square Below̻                        
U+033CCombining Seagull Below̼                        
U+033DCombining X Above̽                        
U+033ECombining Vertical Tilde̾                       
U+033FCombining Double Overline̿                       
U+0340Combining Grave Tone Mark̀                        
U+0341Combining Acute Tone Marḱ                        
U+0342Combining Greek Perispomeni͂                         
U+0343Combining Greek Koronis̓                        
U+0344Combining Greek Dialytika Tonos̈́                        
U+0345Combining Greek Ypogegrammeniͅ                        
U+0346Combining Bridge Above͆                        
U+0347Combining Equals Sign Below͇                        
U+0348Combining Double Vertical Line Below͈                        
U+0349Combining Left Angle Below͉                        
U+034ACombining Not Tilde Above͊                        
U+034BCombining Homothetic Above͋                        
U+034CCombining Almost Equal To Above͌                        
U+034DCombining Left Right Arrow Below͍                        
U+034ECombining Upwards Arrow Below͎                        
U+034FCombining Grapheme Joiner͏                         
U+0350Combining Right Arrowhead Above͐                        
U+0351Combining Left Half Ring Above͑                        
U+0352Combining Fermata͒                        
U+0353Combining X Below͓                        
U+0354Combining Left Arrowhead Below͔                        
U+0355Combining Right Arrowhead Below͕                        
U+0356Combining Right Arrowhead And Up Arrowhead Below͖                        
U+0357Combining Right Half Ring Above͗                        
U+0358Combining Dot Above Right͘                       
U+0359Combining Asterisk Below͙                       
U+035ACombining Double Ring Below͚                        
U+035BCombining Zigzag Above͛                       
U+035CCombining Double Breve Below͜                      
U+035DCombining Double Breve͝                       
U+035ECombining Double Macron͞                        
U+035FCombining Double Macron Below͟                        
U+0360Combining Double Tilde͠                       
U+0361Combining Double Inverted Breve͡                       
U+0362Combining Double Rightwards Arrow Below͢                        
U+0363Combining Latin Small Letter Aͣ                       
U+0364Combining Latin Small Letter Eͤ                       
U+0365Combining Latin Small Letter Iͥ                       
U+0366Combining Latin Small Letter Oͦ                       
U+0367Combining Latin Small Letter Uͧ                       
U+0368Combining Latin Small Letter Cͨ                       
U+0369Combining Latin Small Letter Dͩ                       
U+036ACombining Latin Small Letter Hͪ                       
U+036BCombining Latin Small Letter Mͫ                       
U+036CCombining Latin Small Letter Rͬ                       
U+036DCombining Latin Small Letter Tͭ                       
U+036ECombining Latin Small Letter Vͮ                       
U+036FCombining Latin Small Letter Xͯ                       
Greek and Coptic : U+0370 .. U+03FF
AdobeSILGoogleMUFI Koeberlin LatinAcademic
U+0370Greek Capital Letter HetaͰ                          
U+0371Greek Small Letter Hetaͱ                          
U+0372Greek Capital Letter Archaic SampiͲ                          
U+0373Greek Small Letter Archaic Sampiͳ                          
U+0374Greek Numeral Signʹ                        
U+0375Greek Lower Numeral Sign͵                        
U+0376Greek Capital Letter Pamphylian DigammaͶ                          
U+0377Greek Small Letter Pamphylian Digammaͷ                          
U+037AGreek Ypogegrammeniͺ                          
U+037BGreek Small Reversed Lunate Sigma Symbolͻ                          
U+037CGreek Small Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbolͼ                          
U+037DGreek Small Reversed Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbolͽ                          
U+037EGreek Question Mark;                        
U+037FGreek Capital Letter YotͿ                          
U+0384Greek Tonos΄                      
U+0385Greek Dialytika Tonos΅                      
U+0386Greek Capital Letter Alpha With TonosΆ                      
U+0387Greek Ano Teleia·                      
U+0388Greek Capital Letter Epsilon With TonosΈ                      
U+0389Greek Capital Letter Eta With TonosΉ                      
U+038AGreek Capital Letter Iota With TonosΊ                      
U+038CGreek Capital Letter Omicron With TonosΌ                      
U+038EGreek Capital Letter Upsilon With TonosΎ                      
U+038FGreek Capital Letter Omega With TonosΏ                      
U+0390Greek Small Letter Iota With Dialytika And Tonosΐ                      
U+0391Greek Capital Letter AlphaΑ                      
U+0392Greek Capital Letter BetaΒ                    
U+0393Greek Capital Letter GammaΓ                      
U+0394Greek Capital Letter DeltaΔ                       
U+0395Greek Capital Letter EpsilonΕ                    
U+0396Greek Capital Letter ZetaΖ                      
U+0397Greek Capital Letter EtaΗ                      
U+0398Greek Capital Letter ThetaΘ                   
U+0399Greek Capital Letter IotaΙ                      
U+039AGreek Capital Letter KappaΚ                      
U+039BGreek Capital Letter LamdaΛ                    
U+039CGreek Capital Letter MuΜ                      
U+039DGreek Capital Letter NuΝ                      
U+039EGreek Capital Letter XiΞ                      
U+039FGreek Capital Letter OmicronΟ                      
U+03A0Greek Capital Letter PiΠ                      
U+03A1Greek Capital Letter RhoΡ                      
U+03A3Greek Capital Letter SigmaΣ                      
U+03A4Greek Capital Letter TauΤ                      
U+03A5Greek Capital Letter UpsilonΥ                      
U+03A6Greek Capital Letter PhiΦ                      
U+03A7Greek Capital Letter ChiΧ                      
U+03A8Greek Capital Letter PsiΨ                      
U+03A9Greek Capital Letter OmegaΩ                    
U+03AAGreek Capital Letter Iota With DialytikaΪ                      
U+03ABGreek Capital Letter Upsilon With DialytikaΫ                      
U+03ACGreek Small Letter Alpha With Tonosά                      
U+03ADGreek Small Letter Epsilon With Tonosέ                      
U+03AEGreek Small Letter Eta With Tonosή                      
U+03AFGreek Small Letter Iota With Tonosί                      
U+03B0Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Dialytika And Tonosΰ                      
U+03B1Greek Small Letter Alphaα                     
U+03B2Greek Small Letter Betaβ                  
U+03B3Greek Small Letter Gammaγ                    
U+03B4Greek Small Letter Deltaδ                     
U+03B5Greek Small Letter Epsilonε                   
U+03B6Greek Small Letter Zetaζ                     
U+03B7Greek Small Letter Etaη                     
U+03B8Greek Small Letter Thetaθ                  
U+03B9Greek Small Letter Iotaι                     
U+03BAGreek Small Letter Kappaκ                     
U+03BBGreek Small Letter Lamdaλ                  
U+03BCGreek Small Letter Muμ                      
U+03BDGreek Small Letter Nuν                     
U+03BEGreek Small Letter Xiξ                     
U+03BFGreek Small Letter Omicronο                      
U+03C0Greek Small Letter Piπ               
U+03C1Greek Small Letter Rhoρ                      
U+03C2Greek Small Letter Final Sigmaς                      
U+03C3Greek Small Letter Sigmaσ                     
U+03C4Greek Small Letter Tauτ                      
U+03C5Greek Small Letter Upsilonυ                      
U+03C6Greek Small Letter Phiφ                     
U+03C7Greek Small Letter Chiχ                     
U+03C8Greek Small Letter Psiψ                      
U+03C9Greek Small Letter Omegaω                    
U+03CAGreek Small Letter Iota With Dialytikaϊ                      
U+03CBGreek Small Letter Upsilon With Dialytikaϋ                      
U+03CCGreek Small Letter Omicron With Tonosό                      
U+03CDGreek Small Letter Upsilon With Tonosύ                      
U+03CEGreek Small Letter Omega With Tonosώ                      
U+03CFGreek Capital Kai SymbolϏ                          
U+03D0Greek Beta Symbolϐ                          
U+03D1Greek Theta Symbolϑ                         
U+03D2Greek Upsilon With Hook Symbolϒ                         
U+03D3Greek Upsilon With Acute And Hook Symbolϓ                          
U+03D4Greek Upsilon With Diaeresis And Hook Symbolϔ                          
U+03D5Greek Phi Symbolϕ                         
U+03D6Greek Pi Symbolϖ                         
U+03D7Greek Kai Symbolϗ                          
U+03D8Greek Letter Archaic KoppaϘ                          
U+03D9Greek Small Letter Archaic Koppaϙ                          
U+03DAGreek Letter StigmaϚ                          
U+03DBGreek Small Letter Stigmaϛ                          
U+03DCGreek Letter DigammaϜ                          
U+03DDGreek Small Letter Digammaϝ                          
U+03DEGreek Letter KoppaϞ                          
U+03DFGreek Small Letter Koppaϟ                          
U+03E0Greek Letter SampiϠ                          
U+03E1Greek Small Letter Sampiϡ                          
U+03E2Coptic Capital Letter SheiϢ                          
U+03E3Coptic Small Letter Sheiϣ                          
U+03E4Coptic Capital Letter FeiϤ                          
U+03E5Coptic Small Letter Feiϥ                          
U+03E6Coptic Capital Letter KheiϦ                          
U+03E7Coptic Small Letter Kheiϧ                          
U+03E8Coptic Capital Letter HoriϨ                          
U+03E9Coptic Small Letter Horiϩ                          
U+03EACoptic Capital Letter GangiaϪ                          
U+03EBCoptic Small Letter Gangiaϫ                          
U+03ECCoptic Capital Letter ShimaϬ                          
U+03EDCoptic Small Letter Shimaϭ                          
U+03EECoptic Capital Letter DeiϮ                          
U+03EFCoptic Small Letter Deiϯ                          
U+03F0Greek Kappa Symbolϰ                          
U+03F1Greek Rho Symbolϱ                          
U+03F2Greek Lunate Sigma Symbolϲ                          
U+03F3Greek Letter Yotϳ                          
U+03F4Greek Capital Theta Symbolϴ                          
U+03F5Greek Lunate Epsilon Symbolϵ                          
U+03F6Greek Reversed Lunate Epsilon Symbol϶                          
U+03F7Greek Capital Letter ShoϷ                          
U+03F8Greek Small Letter Shoϸ                          
U+03F9Greek Capital Lunate Sigma SymbolϹ                          
U+03FAGreek Capital Letter SanϺ                          
U+03FBGreek Small Letter Sanϻ                          
U+03FCGreek Rho With Stroke Symbolϼ                          
U+03FDGreek Capital Reversed Lunate Sigma SymbolϽ                          
U+03FEGreek Capital Dotted Lunate Sigma SymbolϾ                          
U+03FFGreek Capital Reversed Dotted Lunate Sigma SymbolϿ                          
Cyrillic : U+0400 .. U+04FF
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U+0400Cyrillic Capital Letter Ie With GraveЀ                       
U+0401Cyrillic Capital Letter IoЁ                       
U+0402Cyrillic Capital Letter DjeЂ                       
U+0403Cyrillic Capital Letter GjeЃ                       
U+0404Cyrillic Capital Letter Ukrainian IeЄ                       
U+0405Cyrillic Capital Letter DzeЅ                       
U+0406Cyrillic Capital Letter Byelorussian-ukrainian IІ                       
U+0407Cyrillic Capital Letter YiЇ                       
U+0408Cyrillic Capital Letter JeЈ                       
U+0409Cyrillic Capital Letter LjeЉ                       
U+040ACyrillic Capital Letter NjeЊ                       
U+040BCyrillic Capital Letter TsheЋ                       
U+040CCyrillic Capital Letter KjeЌ                       
U+040DCyrillic Capital Letter I With GraveЍ                       
U+040ECyrillic Capital Letter Short UЎ                       
U+040FCyrillic Capital Letter DzheЏ                       
U+0410Cyrillic Capital Letter AА                       
U+0411Cyrillic Capital Letter BeБ                       
U+0412Cyrillic Capital Letter VeВ                       
U+0413Cyrillic Capital Letter GheГ                       
U+0414Cyrillic Capital Letter DeД                       
U+0415Cyrillic Capital Letter IeЕ                       
U+0416Cyrillic Capital Letter ZheЖ                       
U+0417Cyrillic Capital Letter ZeЗ                       
U+0418Cyrillic Capital Letter IИ                       
U+0419Cyrillic Capital Letter Short IЙ                       
U+041ACyrillic Capital Letter KaК                       
U+041BCyrillic Capital Letter ElЛ                       
U+041CCyrillic Capital Letter EmМ                       
U+041DCyrillic Capital Letter EnН                       
U+041ECyrillic Capital Letter OО                       
U+041FCyrillic Capital Letter PeП                       
U+0420Cyrillic Capital Letter ErР                       
U+0421Cyrillic Capital Letter EsС                       
U+0422Cyrillic Capital Letter TeТ                       
U+0423Cyrillic Capital Letter UУ                       
U+0424Cyrillic Capital Letter EfФ                       
U+0425Cyrillic Capital Letter HaХ                       
U+0426Cyrillic Capital Letter TseЦ                       
U+0427Cyrillic Capital Letter CheЧ                       
U+0428Cyrillic Capital Letter ShaШ                       
U+0429Cyrillic Capital Letter ShchaЩ                       
U+042ACyrillic Capital Letter Hard SignЪ                       
U+042BCyrillic Capital Letter YeruЫ                       
U+042CCyrillic Capital Letter Soft SignЬ                       
U+042DCyrillic Capital Letter EЭ                       
U+042ECyrillic Capital Letter YuЮ                       
U+042FCyrillic Capital Letter YaЯ                       
U+0430Cyrillic Small Letter Aа                       
U+0431Cyrillic Small Letter Beб                       
U+0432Cyrillic Small Letter Veв                       
U+0433Cyrillic Small Letter Gheг                       
U+0434Cyrillic Small Letter Deд                       
U+0435Cyrillic Small Letter Ieе                       
U+0436Cyrillic Small Letter Zheж                       
U+0437Cyrillic Small Letter Zeз                       
U+0438Cyrillic Small Letter Iи                       
U+0439Cyrillic Small Letter Short Iй                       
U+043ACyrillic Small Letter Kaк                       
U+043BCyrillic Small Letter Elл                       
U+043CCyrillic Small Letter Emм                       
U+043DCyrillic Small Letter Enн                       
U+043ECyrillic Small Letter Oо                       
U+043FCyrillic Small Letter Peп                       
U+0440Cyrillic Small Letter Erр                       
U+0441Cyrillic Small Letter Esс                       
U+0442Cyrillic Small Letter Teт                       
U+0443Cyrillic Small Letter Uу                       
U+0444Cyrillic Small Letter Efф                       
U+0445Cyrillic Small Letter Haх                       
U+0446Cyrillic Small Letter Tseц                       
U+0447Cyrillic Small Letter Cheч                       
U+0448Cyrillic Small Letter Shaш                       
U+0449Cyrillic Small Letter Shchaщ                       
U+044ACyrillic Small Letter Hard Signъ                       
U+044BCyrillic Small Letter Yeruы                       
U+044CCyrillic Small Letter Soft Signь                       
U+044DCyrillic Small Letter Eэ                       
U+044ECyrillic Small Letter Yuю                       
U+044FCyrillic Small Letter Yaя                       
U+0450Cyrillic Small Letter Ie With Graveѐ                       
U+0451Cyrillic Small Letter Ioё                       
U+0452Cyrillic Small Letter Djeђ                       
U+0453Cyrillic Small Letter Gjeѓ                       
U+0454Cyrillic Small Letter Ukrainian Ieє                       
U+0455Cyrillic Small Letter Dzeѕ                       
U+0456Cyrillic Small Letter Byelorussian-ukrainian Iі                       
U+0457Cyrillic Small Letter Yiї                       
U+0458Cyrillic Small Letter Jeј                       
U+0459Cyrillic Small Letter Ljeљ                       
U+045ACyrillic Small Letter Njeњ                       
U+045BCyrillic Small Letter Tsheћ                       
U+045CCyrillic Small Letter Kjeќ                       
U+045DCyrillic Small Letter I With Graveѝ                       
U+045ECyrillic Small Letter Short Uў                       
U+045FCyrillic Small Letter Dzheџ                       
U+0460Cyrillic Capital Letter OmegaѠ                          
U+0461Cyrillic Small Letter Omegaѡ                          
U+0462Cyrillic Capital Letter YatѢ                         
U+0463Cyrillic Small Letter Yatѣ                         
U+0464Cyrillic Capital Letter Iotified EѤ                          
U+0465Cyrillic Small Letter Iotified Eѥ                          
U+0466Cyrillic Capital Letter Little YusѦ                          
U+0467Cyrillic Small Letter Little Yusѧ                          
U+0468Cyrillic Capital Letter Iotified Little YusѨ                          
U+0469Cyrillic Small Letter Iotified Little Yusѩ                          
U+046ACyrillic Capital Letter Big YusѪ                          
U+046BCyrillic Small Letter Big Yusѫ                          
U+046CCyrillic Capital Letter Iotified Big YusѬ                          
U+046DCyrillic Small Letter Iotified Big Yusѭ                          
U+046ECyrillic Capital Letter KsiѮ                          
U+046FCyrillic Small Letter Ksiѯ                          
U+0470Cyrillic Capital Letter PsiѰ                          
U+0471Cyrillic Small Letter Psiѱ                          
U+0472Cyrillic Capital Letter FitaѲ                         
U+0473Cyrillic Small Letter Fitaѳ                         
U+0474Cyrillic Capital Letter IzhitsaѴ                         
U+0475Cyrillic Small Letter Izhitsaѵ                         
U+0476Cyrillic Capital Letter Izhitsa With Double Grave AccentѶ                          
U+0477Cyrillic Small Letter Izhitsa With Double Grave Accentѷ                          
U+0478Cyrillic Capital Letter UkѸ                          
U+0479Cyrillic Small Letter Ukѹ                          
U+047ACyrillic Capital Letter Round OmegaѺ                          
U+047BCyrillic Small Letter Round Omegaѻ                          
U+047CCyrillic Capital Letter Omega With TitloѼ                          
U+047DCyrillic Small Letter Omega With Titloѽ                          
U+047ECyrillic Capital Letter OtѾ                          
U+047FCyrillic Small Letter Otѿ                          
U+0480Cyrillic Capital Letter KoppaҀ                          
U+0481Cyrillic Small Letter Koppaҁ                          
U+0482Cyrillic Thousands Sign҂                          
U+0483Combining Cyrillic Titlo҃                          
U+0484Combining Cyrillic Palatalization҄                          
U+0485Combining Cyrillic Dasia Pneumata҅                          
U+0486Combining Cyrillic Psili Pneumata҆                          
U+0487Combining Cyrillic Pokrytie҇                          
U+0488Combining Cyrillic Hundred Thousands Sign҈                          
U+0489Combining Cyrillic Millions Sign҉                          
U+048ACyrillic Capital Letter Short I With TailҊ                          
U+048BCyrillic Small Letter Short I With Tailҋ                          
U+048CCyrillic Capital Letter Semisoft SignҌ                          
U+048DCyrillic Small Letter Semisoft Signҍ                          
U+048ECyrillic Capital Letter Er With TickҎ                          
U+048FCyrillic Small Letter Er With Tickҏ                          
U+0490Cyrillic Capital Letter Ghe With UpturnҐ                       
U+0491Cyrillic Small Letter Ghe With Upturnґ                       
U+0492Cyrillic Capital Letter Ghe With StrokeҒ                         
U+0493Cyrillic Small Letter Ghe With Strokeғ                         
U+0494Cyrillic Capital Letter Ghe With Middle HookҔ                          
U+0495Cyrillic Small Letter Ghe With Middle Hookҕ                          
U+0496Cyrillic Capital Letter Zhe With DescenderҖ                          
U+0497Cyrillic Small Letter Zhe With Descenderҗ                          
U+0498Cyrillic Capital Letter Ze With DescenderҘ                          
U+0499Cyrillic Small Letter Ze With Descenderҙ                          
U+049ACyrillic Capital Letter Ka With DescenderҚ                         
U+049BCyrillic Small Letter Ka With Descenderқ                         
U+049CCyrillic Capital Letter Ka With Vertical StrokeҜ                         
U+049DCyrillic Small Letter Ka With Vertical Strokeҝ                         
U+049ECyrillic Capital Letter Ka With StrokeҞ                          
U+049FCyrillic Small Letter Ka With Strokeҟ                          
U+04A0Cyrillic Capital Letter Bashkir KaҠ                          
U+04A1Cyrillic Small Letter Bashkir Kaҡ                          
U+04A2Cyrillic Capital Letter En With DescenderҢ                         
U+04A3Cyrillic Small Letter En With Descenderң                         
U+04A4Cyrillic Capital Ligature En GheҤ                          
U+04A5Cyrillic Small Ligature En Gheҥ                          
U+04A6Cyrillic Capital Letter Pe With Middle HookҦ                          
U+04A7Cyrillic Small Letter Pe With Middle Hookҧ                          
U+04A8Cyrillic Capital Letter Abkhasian HaҨ                          
U+04A9Cyrillic Small Letter Abkhasian Haҩ                          
U+04AACyrillic Capital Letter Es With DescenderҪ                          
U+04ABCyrillic Small Letter Es With Descenderҫ                          
U+04ACCyrillic Capital Letter Te With DescenderҬ                          
U+04ADCyrillic Small Letter Te With Descenderҭ                          
U+04AECyrillic Capital Letter Straight UҮ                         
U+04AFCyrillic Small Letter Straight Uү                         
U+04B0Cyrillic Capital Letter Straight U With StrokeҰ                         
U+04B1Cyrillic Small Letter Straight U With Strokeұ                         
U+04B2Cyrillic Capital Letter Ha With DescenderҲ                         
U+04B3Cyrillic Small Letter Ha With Descenderҳ                         
U+04B4Cyrillic Capital Ligature Te TseҴ                          
U+04B5Cyrillic Small Ligature Te Tseҵ                          
U+04B6Cyrillic Capital Letter Che With DescenderҶ                          
U+04B7Cyrillic Small Letter Che With Descenderҷ                          
U+04B8Cyrillic Capital Letter Che With Vertical StrokeҸ                         
U+04B9Cyrillic Small Letter Che With Vertical Strokeҹ                         
U+04BACyrillic Capital Letter ShhaҺ                         
U+04BBCyrillic Small Letter Shhaһ                         
U+04BCCyrillic Capital Letter Abkhasian CheҼ                          
U+04BDCyrillic Small Letter Abkhasian Cheҽ                          
U+04BECyrillic Capital Letter Abkhasian Che With DescenderҾ                          
U+04BFCyrillic Small Letter Abkhasian Che With Descenderҿ                          
U+04C0Cyrillic Letter PalochkaӀ                          
U+04C1Cyrillic Capital Letter Zhe With BreveӁ                          
U+04C2Cyrillic Small Letter Zhe With Breveӂ                          
U+04C3Cyrillic Capital Letter Ka With HookӃ                          
U+04C4Cyrillic Small Letter Ka With Hookӄ                          
U+04C5Cyrillic Capital Letter El With TailӅ                          
U+04C6Cyrillic Small Letter El With Tailӆ                          
U+04C7Cyrillic Capital Letter En With HookӇ                          
U+04C8Cyrillic Small Letter En With Hookӈ                          
U+04C9Cyrillic Capital Letter En With TailӉ                          
U+04CACyrillic Small Letter En With Tailӊ                          
U+04CBCyrillic Capital Letter Khakassian CheӋ                          
U+04CCCyrillic Small Letter Khakassian Cheӌ                          
U+04CDCyrillic Capital Letter Em With TailӍ                          
U+04CECyrillic Small Letter Em With Tailӎ                          
U+04CFCyrillic Small Letter Palochkaӏ                          
U+04D0Cyrillic Capital Letter A With BreveӐ                          
U+04D1Cyrillic Small Letter A With Breveӑ                          
U+04D2Cyrillic Capital Letter A With DiaeresisӒ                          
U+04D3Cyrillic Small Letter A With Diaeresisӓ                          
U+04D4Cyrillic Capital Ligature A IeӔ                          
U+04D5Cyrillic Small Ligature A Ieӕ                          
U+04D6Cyrillic Capital Letter Ie With BreveӖ                          
U+04D7Cyrillic Small Letter Ie With Breveӗ                          
U+04D8Cyrillic Capital Letter SchwaӘ                         
U+04D9Cyrillic Small Letter Schwaә                         
U+04DACyrillic Capital Letter Schwa With DiaeresisӚ                          
U+04DBCyrillic Small Letter Schwa With Diaeresisӛ                          
U+04DCCyrillic Capital Letter Zhe With DiaeresisӜ                          
U+04DDCyrillic Small Letter Zhe With Diaeresisӝ                          
U+04DECyrillic Capital Letter Ze With DiaeresisӞ                          
U+04DFCyrillic Small Letter Ze With Diaeresisӟ                          
U+04E0Cyrillic Capital Letter Abkhasian DzeӠ                          
U+04E1Cyrillic Small Letter Abkhasian Dzeӡ                          
U+04E2Cyrillic Capital Letter I With MacronӢ                          
U+04E3Cyrillic Small Letter I With Macronӣ                          
U+04E4Cyrillic Capital Letter I With DiaeresisӤ                          
U+04E5Cyrillic Small Letter I With Diaeresisӥ                          
U+04E6Cyrillic Capital Letter O With DiaeresisӦ                          
U+04E7Cyrillic Small Letter O With Diaeresisӧ                          
U+04E8Cyrillic Capital Letter Barred OӨ